We are a people of God called to bring a message of Christian hope and love to our community and throughout the world. We invite you to join us in worshiping God, ministering to those in our community and beyond, and experiencing fellowship within a caring church family. We hope that we will have the pleasure of greeting and welcoming you in person. 


Vacation Bible School 2018

July 9 to 13 6:15 to 8:30pm 


Join us for an exciting white-water rafting adventure with VBS: Rolling River Rampage!   Experience the Ride of a Lifetime with God and learn that Jesus is with us all the time, even in rough water rapids. Along the river, we will discover that life with God is an adventure full of wonder and surprise.  Our theme Bible verse is "When you pass through the waters, I will be with you." --Isaiah 43:2, CEB.  We will be learning about Jesus as he Calls the Disciples, Meets Mary & Martha, Walks with Zacchaeus, Shares a Special Meal and Makes a Promise

All are welcome ages Pre-k to 6th Grade

We are still looking for volunteers. 

See Cindy GaNun or Michelle Biggs if you are interested.   

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Pastor James Lee

Wesley United Methodist Church is very excited to announce that a new pastor will be joining the church beginning in July.  Pastor James Lee will be starting on Sunday, July 1.  We look forward to his ministry, guidance and fellowship.

Pastor Lee has previously served as the associate pastor for Calvary Korean UMC in East Brunswick, as the senior pastor of Conklin UMC in South River, and as the Manager of Visual Arts of the Greater New Jersey Conference. His creativity and contagious passion for reaching people for Christ has helped each congregation and context discover new and exciting means for making disciples. He received his Masters of Divinity from Drew Theological School in 2014 and his B.A. from Rutgers University. He loves filmmaking, worshipping on his guitar, and hunting for a good cup of coffee. He has been married to his wife Julie since 2012, and they have two young children, Amy and Adam.  We invite the community to join us as we welcome him and hear his first sermon.

He will be preaching a sermon series for the next six weeks - 

Worship: Demystified

The most holy ritual done week-after-week can become a mindless routine, and it’s easy to forget why we do what we do in worship. The singing, praying, and listening to sermons – what does all that mean? If a non-Christian were to walk into our service and ask us why we do one of these rituals, could we answer them? During this series, we will revisit why we do “this or that,” to deepen our experience of the full worship service.

July 1: Why do we do Communion? - Scripture Reading: 1 Corinthians 11:18-26, John 6:48-51

Why do we “eat the body and drink the blood” of Jesus? What is the deeper meaning behind the bread and the juice, and why does it matter?

July 8: Why all the singing? - Scripture Reading: Psalm 96:1-6, Colossians 3:15-17

Why is singing hymns and songs of praise so important in a worship service? What is held in the power of music that provides an experience that otherwise can’t be experienced in worship?

July 15: Why are they talking at me? - Scripture Reading: Genesis 1:1-3; Romans 10:8-9

Why do we open up the Bible and hear a sermon every week? What is held in the power of the spoken word that provides an experience that otherwise can’t be experienced in worship?

July 22: Why do they want my money? - Scripture Reading: Malachi 3:8-10; 2 Corinthians 9:6-15

Especially for first time visitors, the time when the plate gets past around is often the most uncomfortable – especially when there is no explanation for it’s purpose; where the money goes; etc. Why are offerings collected every worship service, and not just as a donation whenever?

July 27: Why do we pray? - Scripture Reading: Philippians 4:6-8

Prayer permeates throughout the Sunday worship experience, from opening prayer to the Lord’s Prayer. Why do we put our hands together, close our eyes, and talk to God during worship?

August 5: Why should I come back next week? - Scripture Reading: Exodus 20:8-11, Acts 2:42-47

Is it really all that important for me to come back every Sunday? How is it different from every other week/once a month/a few times a year?

Mark Your Calendar    

July 1        9:30 am Summer Service Time Begins

July 1        Pastor James Lee - First Service

July 9-13  Vacation Bible School


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